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British Korean Business Alliance

Aiming to foster enhanced collaboration between Korean and British business.

Korean Advice Centre

Offering legal advice, walk-in advice centre, language course and UK life guidance.

War & Peace Memorial

A must-visit for the Korean delegation visiting the UK.


Aiming to provide career pathways for British parliamentarians with Korean heritage

Youth & Future Committee

Fostering sustainable development and healthy global talents.

The K Hub Centre

Integrating the talents of the Korean community with the K-Wave (Hallyu)

‘From New Malden to the Globe – KTF Paving the Way

For Korean-British Exchange, Side by Side’


The Korea Town Foundation, abbreviated as KTF, is a foundation aiming to promote and create sustainable development and partnership between the local British Korean community in the UK and Korean-British exchange more broadly.

Launched in October 2022 by the first Korean councilman Robert Kim, the KTF strives to do this by facilitating and promoting various projects that will actively provide growth and opportunities in multiple sectors of Korean British exchange, such as economic, cultural, social, and political.

The KTF is a collaboration between many members and leaders of the UK Korean community, young and old, brought together by a shared vision to increase opportunity and exchange between the UK and Korea, improving the status of Koreans from all walks of life living in the UK.

From the founder

Robert Kim, Co-Chairman, Solicitor, Councillor for New Malden Village

Robert Kim, Co-Chairman, KTFUK

Hi all, with many thanks to the support and help from all of you, I was elected as the Councillor for New Malden Village, the largest Korean community in Europe.

New Malden Village is home to the South Korean community and the most prominent North Korean community outside the Korean peninsula. New Malden is also home to a population of Chinese Joseon Koreans. This is the first such co-existence of its kind, being a globally exclusive example of a ‘reunified’ Korea.

In order to realise and promote the construction of the Korea Town, one of my campaign promises, the Korea Town Foundation (‘KTF’) has been launched as of 22nd November 2022. Simon John May Edwards, the former Councillor for New Malden Village and prominent barrister, Pastor Do Joon Kang, the former Head of Audit Department of Korea Investment Bank, and me Robert Kim, solicitor and the current Councillor for New Malden Village are taking the role of executive directors of the KTF.

The KTF is currently in preparation of 6 projects for Koreans living in the UK, which comprises the British Korean Business Alliance, the Korean Advice Centre, the War & Peace Memorial, the Hankookman, the Youth and Future Committee, and the K-Hub Centre.

In order to put the above six Projects into life, the KTF has already been in discussion of cooperation, collaboration and support with both of British and Korean governments and their local governments and authorities, and most of interviews with the heads of major authorities in the UK have been completed. The KTF has also started supporting the internalization of Gangdong-gu and Seosan City in South Korea, by me serving the role of Ambassador of International Exchange and Public Relations for the both.

This year makes the bilateral relationship between the UK and Korea special, as it marks the 140th anniversary of the establishment of British Korean diplomacy, the 70th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from the Korean War, and the era of 13 billion pounds in trade between both countries. The KTF will make further steps to establish and improve the status of Koreans living in the UK by realising the above Projects within the next 10 years, by way of making a KTF team stronger and cooperating with many other people.

I sincerely wish that Manbok will always be with you, your family and your business.

 “KTF needs your support in making the world a better place together.” 

Founder & Co-Chairman Robert Kim
Solicitor and Councillor for New Malden Village


60 High Street
New Malden

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