War & Peace Memorial


The Korean War Veterans Memorial will be a must-visit place for the Korean delegations to the UK.

This Project aims to commemorate the extraordinary friendship between Britain and Korea by paying tribute to the sacrifices of about 5,000 British soldiers who lost their lives during the Korean War by erecting a war memorial in New Malden, the unique town of North and South Korean reunification.

The War & Peace memorial will integrate the past, present, and future of British Korean relations and commemorate the sacrifices of Korean War veterans.

In this peaceful unification village, the UK, a permanent member of the Security Council, the UN and the leading countries of the British Commonwealth, shall meet together to enhance the cooperation of the international community to support the effort for the peaceful reunification of Korean Peninsula.

In addition, the KTF Memorial Committee intends to provide a place in cyberspace to commemorate and emulate the lives of local residents who devoted themselves to the development of human history and the happiness of their families.

Funeral Committee

  • Funeral related support
  • Records traces of the life of the deceased in the memorial space on our website

60 High Street
New Malden

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